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Fugitive Dust

Fugitive dust is particulate matter which becomes airborne and has the potential to adversely affect human health or the environment.  The most common forms of particulate matter are known as PM10 (particulate matter with a diameter of 10 microns or less) and PM2.5 (particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less).  High levels of dust particles often originate from activities such as agricultural, mining, construction, and manufacturing.  PDEQ protects air quality by regulating fugitive dust emissions.  The Activity Permit Program ensures that individuals are aware of fugitive dust emissions regulations and requires them to provide information regarding the location and types of activities so the department can monitor compliance.


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Dust rules


Airborne Dust and Your Health - English
Airborne Dust and Your Health - Spanish

Fugitive Dust Inspection Form 
Find out what Dust Inspectors look for when assessing your work sites. This checklist assures that data is gathered and presented objectively and consistently from one assessment to another, regardless of a difference in inspectors, companies, or work sites.

Smoke School
Smoke School, also known as Opacity Certification, is the formal training necessary to report visible emissions (i.e. smoke) as required by EPA Method 9. Your facility may be required to complete periodic visible emissions observations.

Click on the links below for information and literature regarding airborne dust control for a variety of sources:

Contractors, Subcontractors, Developers
Hauling companies
Homeowners (pdf)
Landowners of vacant or open land
Off-road vehicle recreationists
Dirt Roads (pdf)
Dust Palliative Resource sheet (pdf)


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