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Pima County Department of Environmental Quality's mission is to identify and respond to environmental issues by providing public service. This includes monitoring, enforcement, information, and education. Founded in 1989, PDEQ's scope includes air and water quality, hazardous materials, solid waste, waste minimization, and pollution prevention. As a local agency, our employees live and work in Pima County and are aware of the environmental concerns of their neighbors and the impact of regulations to local businesses.

This program offers assistance to businesses in complying with local, state and federal hazardous materials, waste and air quality regulations. We will meet with you to assist in the completion of permit applications and to clarify the sometimes complex regulations, review your processes, identify potential violations, inform businesses about pollution prevention methods, make suggestions for reducing emissions, and help you stay in compliance.

Many free brochures and fact sheets are also provided, including Industry-specific fact sheets that explain hazardous materials and waste regulations with industry-specific handling tips.

Frequent industry-specific seminars and workshops are held, featuring regulatory experts and local business owners who share tips on staying in compliance while keeping costs down and to provide updates on air quality regulations.

Please call PDEQ at (520) 724-7400 for more information.

If you've had a chance to utilize our Business Assistance Program, please take a moment to fill out our Business Assistance Online Survey.  This will give us valuable feedback to help improve the service and our assistance offerings.


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