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Solid Waste Division

Effective June 1, 2013, Pima County entered into a contract with Tucson Recycling & Waste Services to operate the County’s landfills and transfer stations.

The Solid Waste Division provides public facilities for the safe and sanitary disposal of solid wastes generated within the Pima County jurisdiction under authority from the State of Arizona (ARS 49-741). Further, the State of Arizona (ARS 49-742 et. seq.) allows the establishment of solid waste user fees to cover the costs of development, construction, operation, administration, and financing of public solid waste management activities, and broadly controls those activities.

Contact Information

Tucson Recycling and Waste Services - 623-7300

PDEQ Solid Waste Office - 744-6173
5301 W. Ina Road
Hours - 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday



Landfill Information

Fee Schedule For Landfills and Transfer Stations

Ajo Landfill - Clarification of Fee Schedule for Residential Vehicles

Pima County Solid Waste Program Financial Hardship Fee Qualification Process - The Community Action Agency accepts applications for a number of services available to Pima County residents. A resident who qualifies at 150% of the poverty level guidelines established by the Federal Government qualifies for the financial hardship entry fee of $2.


Waste Tire Program

Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, Solid Waste Management Division, has developed a new "Annual Waste Tire Generator Registration Form" and "Waste Tire Disposal Manifest" for use by retailers for acceptance or their tires at the 5301 W. Ina Road Tire Collection Site.

Waste Tire Disposal Manifest Form

Annual Waste Tire Generator Registration Form

Fee Schedule


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